Tickets are available for the upcoming JUMP Society Summer Film Festival!!

Thursday, June 30th – 7pm
Friday, July 1st – 7pm & 9pm
Saturday, July 2nd – 7pm & 9pm

Pick yours up at Lucid Reverie in the Emporium Mall, it’s the shop with the shelves full of graphic novels and rack of colorful, locally-designed shirts.

The best time to visit is 2pm-6pm weekdays but we’re usually about at all kinds of other odd hours. Call 586-3440 for more information.

As always, the show is free of charge and will have plenty of conspicuously placed donation buckets. Picking up tickets is important because it help us get an even distribution between the shows and make sure we know in advance which nights are going to be crowded.

If you don’t have a ticket or you show up late we can’t always guarantee a seat but we’ll sure try our durndest to make sure everyone gets in the door and has a good experience.