JUMP Society Submission Guidelines


Films should be 10 minutes or less. Please contact us if you have a longer film that you’d like us to screen in the festival or if you’d like us to help arrange an independent screening.


  • We prefer an HD quality digital file in any format. Give us the highest quality you can and do not downscale (resize) your video if possible.
  • You can put your video file on a CD, DVD, hard drive, USB drive, or we can download it. Dropbox and Google Drive are good choices if you need a place to upload your video.
  • Or you can bring your laptop to our office with the file ready and we can copy it here.
  • We still accept MiniDV, Digital8, and VHS tapes.
  • We can also accept DVD videos (as in a typical movie DVD) but they are not preferred. Files on a DVD are fine.

We keep all tapes, DVDs, etc. that are given to us, and try to return them when requested, but we can’t guarantee that we will be able to find it. Don’t give us your only copy!

Juneau Connection:

Sorry Steven Spielberg, we only accept films from Juneau artists or films with a strong Juneau connection. If we have to cut a film it will probably be the one with the least visible connection to Juneau.

Secret Tips to Get Your Film in the Show:

  • Shorter films are more likely to be accepted. We try to be fair and show a little of everything when we can but it’s just harder to find space for longer films.
  • Introduce yourself and tell us a little about your movie when you turn it in. If we can associate a film with the hopeful face of an aspiring filmmaker it’s a lot harder to reject.
  • Films don’t have to be high quality if they have a good story but it helps when you can hear the dialog and see what’s happening on screen. If you have technical questions contact us and we might be able to help.
  • Credits are boring, keep them short.

Submission Form:

You can fill out the online form or print out the PDF file and include it with your video.

The submission form helps us spell your name and movie title correctly (sorry about that, Greg). Thanks! We look forward to seeing your work!

You can also email a link to download your film – just make sure it’s a download link, not a streaming link (like YouTube or Facebook).