Newsletter 9

It’s time to get Jumpin’

The summer film festival rapidly approaches so arm yourself with a camera and capture some of these fleeting summer days on tape because they’re going to be gone faster than a plush moose in a trinket shop.

The deadline for the next film festival is July 1st and the films must be 12 minutes or less. We’ll make some exceptions to the rule for true masterpieces but generally a good rule of thumb is the shorter the better. Shave frames with triple blade action, judiciously elimintate the third slow motion repeat of that big stunt scene, and please please please please make the credits shorter than the movie :) That said, the JUMP Society festivals are a place to learn. Bring your work, see how the crowd reacts, see what other people are doing, have a bagel.

As usual, any suggestions or help is appreciated. Call for entry posters are being printed as I type so if you want to help hang them up around town, swing by the office and pick some up. Here are some questions for you to respond to that will help the JUMP Society’s evolution…

Should the film festival be juried this time around?
Should I do the comment card thing again?
Should we do the film maker introductions?
How about one show for the film makers where we take some time after
each film to discuss what we were trying to do, how we did it, and
answer questions?
More stickers?
Anything else that would make it a better event?


Thanks go out to my good friend Gage Choat for all of his work on the previous JUMP Society Film Festivals and all his creative films. You will be missed.

Continual thanks to the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council.

Community News

Roald Simonson may be showing some of his films in June, more as that develops.


That’s all I’ve got today. I’ll write again soon, flooding your mailbox
with sweet caramely goodness.