Newsletter 10

Tell your friends, tell your enemies, shout it from the rooftops, we want your short film submissions! There are still two weeks until July 1st when the films are due and I’m certain that you folks are creative enough, inventive enough, and resourceful enough to pull off some real gems… and if you’re not, I’ll bet you know someone who is… tell them! We’re looking for all kinds of entries… push your political agenda, subvert the masses, make them laugh, make them cry, make them scratch their heads and feel like they missed the point when in fact there was no point.

I’m just now starting to get the warm, frenzied feeling of a film festival off in the distance and I can tell you this is going to be a good show. Juneau is full of creative people and each of them is full of creative ideas and each of those ideas is full of detailed creative elements. It’s like those little Russian dolls, containers inside of containers and lots of little hand painted babushkas. I always wanted one of those things, I don’t really know why, I would have swallowed the smallest piece and lost everything else except for the bottom half of the second largest doll. I guess my parents knew that.

So, does anyone need movie ideas? I’m your man… here’s some freebies. Don’t worry if someone else does the same thing, different interpretations of the same idea are great, ask God.

  • Grab your favorite song and make a music video.
  • Take a three minute clip from an old movie and dub over it
    with new dialogue.
  • Make a parody of one of those Bass Fishing shows with trinket
    shop employees trying to reel in the blue hairs.
  • Interview people about a local issue.. (flight noise, downtown
    traffic, people who complain too much)
  • Do a short cooking show with your favorite recipe… (my
    favorite recipe is pasta-roni)
  • When all else fails, strap a camera to your dog and let him
    loose downtown.

Note: If any of these ideas have potentially negative real world outcomes then I trust you to have better foresight than I and not get into trouble. We already have one casualty from this film festival, a guy tried jumping off the dock in a kayak and hurt his back. Now the only dance he can do is the robot… not pretty.

Helpy Helperton

There’s this guy who wants to help out on films. His name is Darrell. His number is 321-9529. Give him a call if you need a hand. Hmmm.. maybe I can get him to be a stunt double for my shark tank scene?

I’m looking for an older woman who jogs and a beefy middle aged guy for a film.

Know anyone else who wants to act, video tape, edit, or be a gaffer? Send me some contact info and I’ll put you in the next newsletter.

Question and Answer

Last newsletter I asked a bunch of questions about what people wanted to do in the future… here’s the general direction of things:

The film festival won’t be juried any time soon and we’re not going to be handing out any awards or prizes. We may hold a separate contest in the future where everyone is required to use a similar theme or idea but the twice a year JUMP festivals will remain non-competitive. Comment cards will continue.. this time they may even be distributed to the filmmakers. Email me if you want your comments from last time. I’ll probably make more stickers, I’m still disappointed that I haven’t found more in random places around town. The condom machine in the Alaskan is the best place I’ve found a sticker so far and I’m about 70% sure that I put it there, that night was kind of fuzzy though.

As always, if you have suggestions for making the shows better, let me know… and don’t say better films, make one.


Thanks to Julie, Abel, Rosie, Holly, Lou, Aaron, Jack, Bob, Bill, Big Mike, Justin and anyone else that has finished or is currently working on a film for the upcoming festival. The more entries we get, the better a show we can put on.

Thanks to Roald Simonson for showing his films at the Silverbow.

Thanks once again to the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council.

Community News

The New Music Rag is a pretty cool little newspaper floating around the downtown bulletin boards. If you’re into music, entertainment or the Juneau night life I would recommend giving it a read. I put some JUMP ads in there, it only cost ten bucks an issue, it came out of the general fund… I think that’s our only fund but maybe Aaron’s got some pork bellies stashed away for a rainy day.


Stick a fork in me, I’m done but I’ll be back with more whimsical ramblings in a week or two. Thanks for hanging in there until the end. You’re my favorite.