Newsletter 8

Stop watching. Start Creating.

The deadline for submissions is one short week away, we already have a good pile of completed submissions and many more wrapping up or on their way. At this point I’m trying to gauge how many entries we’ll have so if you’re working on something drop me a short email and let me know a title and running time. So far I have films submitted from Abel Orlove, Joel Bennett, Keith Shepro & co., Deanna Clasby, Aaron Elterman, Jason Alexander, Gage Choat, Aaron Suring, and myself.

If you’re interested in helping out with festival planning or have suggestions for the upcoming event get ahold of me and let me know. One suggestion we’ll likely be adopting is to take a moment at the beginning of each showing to introduce any of the filmmakers in the audience. Other than that I think we’re going to put together a program like last time (any one want that job?) and provide the free stickers at the door. I haven’t seen the stickers in as many bathrooms as I was hoping to so please take more this time!


Thanks go out to Bud Curtis and Alaska OnScreen Advertising who have once again helped us promote the film festival through their artist outreach program.

Thanks to Dan Coleman at KTOO for all of his support and for creating the JUMP Society PSA.

Thanks once again to the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council who helps make sure our posters pop up all over town and provided us with our seed money.

Thanks to all the interested filmmakers who show up on my doorstep with a grin and a tape.

Thanks to Patrick McGonegal for his write-up of the Jump Society on the website

Community News

Scott Baxter’s film “PAK II: Rendered” is available on DVD at Boarderline. I missed the premiere at Centennial hall but had an opportunity to watch it last weekend and it’s a great piece of work. Scott’s eye is getting sharper and his footage more imaginative with each project. I recommend giving it a look if you’re interested in seeing some breathtaking footage shot by one of Juneau’s finest filmmakers.


Oh.. boy… I have lots of filming to do :)