Newsletter 21

Behold, the JUMP Society Newsletter, a testament to infrequency.

As we get closer to our summer festival deadline there are a few questions that keep coming up.

The actual deadline is still a little slippery but if you’re working on something you should aim for the 5th of July. We’ll have a preview show for our filmmakers and the press on around the 8th and then we’ll light up the lights and go into full tilt film festival mode starting on the 14th. At least that’s the plan for now but we’re more flexible than Gumby so watch out for a head fake.

Here’s the real news of the day…

Times Square PFLAG Benefit

Big hair, leather jackets, and rock music. Nope, I’m not talking about Tuesday night at the Rendezvous, I’m talking about the 25th anniversary of Times Square.

Friday June 24th at Goldtown Nickelodeon there will be a Midnight showing. This movie from the director of “Pump up the Volume” and “Empire Records” features some great music and a big fat dose of the eighties. Starring Tim Curry, Trini Alvarado, and Robin Johnson and featuring music from The Pretenders, The Ramones, Talking Heads, The Cars, Lou Reed, and more! Donations are appreciated at the door and will go to benefit PFLAG.

Cosmo Follow-up

I missed the showing of “Cosmopolitan” but heard it was well attended and well received. This opportunity sort of fell in our lap thanks to Katie Bausler but if it was useful or inspiring please let us know. If this sort of thing is helpful maybe we can trick other filmmakers into coming to town to share their work. Of course it’s always easiest with a few connections. Anyone out there have a second cousin who’s step-brother’s mom is a famous, well spoken, and knowledgeable film maker who wants to come to Juneau?


We’re still inching forward on the non-profit front and we’ll soon be inviting all of you to peruse and comment on our bylaws. I know.. so much fun you can hardly wait. But seriously, if this is of any interest to anyone at all I’ll post them in a forum once we’re done writing them and everyone can help clean them up before they become official.


Rock on all my little rockers.

Newsletter 20

Crunch crackle tread stomp thump thump thump!

Yes, that’s the sound of a JUMP Society deadline lumbering down the trail towards us. Submissions for the 2005 JUMP Society Summer Film Festival are due by July 1st and the calendar pages are flipping by so you’d better get rolling!

Of course if you need some inspiration there are some great events coming up…

Animation Workshop!!!
Juneau Dance Unlimited is bringing artist Meredith Holch back to Juneau and she will be hosting an animation workshop for the community. The course is kicking off with a free introductory screening of Meredith’s work at 7:00pm Thursday, June 9th at the Silverbow Backroom.

The workshop is on Tuesday and Thursdays from 7-9pm, June 14-30 at JDHS and you can register through JDU by calling 463-5327 or at the film screening.

Even if you can’t sign up for the course I’d recommend watching the evening of no-budget, lo-tech shorts. The ones she brought last time were very clever.

Gigantic Pictures comes to Juneau!!
Producer Jen Small from Gigantic Pictures will be in town this June to present her film “Cosmopolitan” a romance from the writer of “Monsoon Wedding” which pays tribute to Bollywood Cinema and sounds like a fantastically quirky piece of independent film. Jen will also hang around after the 53 minute film to answer questions and chat with the audience about filmmaking.

The show will be 8:00pm Friday, June 17th at the Silverbow Backroom and more information about the film can be found at

Oh.. did I mention… This event will be free!


What are you doing still reading??!!! Go make a movie!!!!

Newsletter 17

What’s cooler than piling into the Silverbow in the middle of winter and watching a bunch of great short films made by your friends and neighbors? I guess a hover bike… but aside from that?

The JUMP Society, a constantly evolving group of ragamuffin filmmakers is pleased to announce the 2005 Winter Film Festival January 27, 28 and 29th. Tickets can be purchased for zero dollars at the Juneau Arts & Humanities Council and at Lucid Reverie. They go fast so get them early!

For those frantically working to finish their films you’ll be pleased to hear that we totally psyched you out on the deadline. The due date is now January 21st so those films should be cut tight with wickedly crisp sound.

Weekend Workshop Feedback
We received some good feedback from the weekend workshop and will probably be hosting another in the spring. I’d also like to start having more opportunity for internal review and feedback so how about we get the filmmakers together in February and we can go through and do another feedback session after the festival?

Internal Action
Lou is busting hump putting together some new features for the JUMP website that will hopefully facilitate better communication for all ya’ll. We’re also inching towards official non-profit status… Patricia has done a great job and I’m pretty sure I’m the one holding it up at this point :)

Best wishes for the New Year, may we never have to listen to that damnable “Drops of Jupiter” again.