Newsletter 20

Crunch crackle tread stomp thump thump thump!

Yes, that’s the sound of a JUMP Society deadline lumbering down the trail towards us. Submissions for the 2005 JUMP Society Summer Film Festival are due by July 1st and the calendar pages are flipping by so you’d better get rolling!

Of course if you need some inspiration there are some great events coming up…

Animation Workshop!!!
Juneau Dance Unlimited is bringing artist Meredith Holch back to Juneau and she will be hosting an animation workshop for the community. The course is kicking off with a free introductory screening of Meredith’s work at 7:00pm Thursday, June 9th at the Silverbow Backroom.

The workshop is on Tuesday and Thursdays from 7-9pm, June 14-30 at JDHS and you can register through JDU by calling 463-5327 or at the film screening.

Even if you can’t sign up for the course I’d recommend watching the evening of no-budget, lo-tech shorts. The ones she brought last time were very clever.

Gigantic Pictures comes to Juneau!!
Producer Jen Small from Gigantic Pictures will be in town this June to present her film “Cosmopolitan” a romance from the writer of “Monsoon Wedding” which pays tribute to Bollywood Cinema and sounds like a fantastically quirky piece of independent film. Jen will also hang around after the 53 minute film to answer questions and chat with the audience about filmmaking.

The show will be 8:00pm Friday, June 17th at the Silverbow Backroom and more information about the film can be found at

Oh.. did I mention… This event will be free!


What are you doing still reading??!!! Go make a movie!!!!