Newsletter 17

What’s cooler than piling into the Silverbow in the middle of winter and watching a bunch of great short films made by your friends and neighbors? I guess a hover bike… but aside from that?

The JUMP Society, a constantly evolving group of ragamuffin filmmakers is pleased to announce the 2005 Winter Film Festival January 27, 28 and 29th. Tickets can be purchased for zero dollars at the Juneau Arts & Humanities Council and at Lucid Reverie. They go fast so get them early!

For those frantically working to finish their films you’ll be pleased to hear that we totally psyched you out on the deadline. The due date is now January 21st so those films should be cut tight with wickedly crisp sound.

Weekend Workshop Feedback
We received some good feedback from the weekend workshop and will probably be hosting another in the spring. I’d also like to start having more opportunity for internal review and feedback so how about we get the filmmakers together in February and we can go through and do another feedback session after the festival?

Internal Action
Lou is busting hump putting together some new features for the JUMP website that will hopefully facilitate better communication for all ya’ll. We’re also inching towards official non-profit status… Patricia has done a great job and I’m pretty sure I’m the one holding it up at this point :)

Best wishes for the New Year, may we never have to listen to that damnable “Drops of Jupiter” again.

Newsletter 16

That sound in the distance… WaaaaaaaaooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo

Echoing through the tram littered mountains… WaaaaaaaaooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo

It’s a mighty conch shell horn calling out to all JUMP supporters and filmmakers! Round up your grant writing pen, dust off those fingerless begging gloves, and get ready to cash in some favors… We’re putting on a weekend filmmaking course right here in Juneau!!

Short Film Weekend Workshop
We love what people have been creating for the JUMP Society shows and we want to see our Juneau filmmakers creating even better short films in the future so we’re currently working to bring you a weekend of short film education hosted by Warren Etheredge and Andrew Blubaugh.

Andrew is responsible for coordinating the Northwest Film Festival and is a self-taught video and film artist himself. Warren is the curator of the One Reel Film Festival at Bumbershoot which is billed as the nation’s best-attended celebration of short film. Powers combined they form a giant pulsing brain of short film knowledge and watch approximately one gajillion short films a year. If you want more information on either of them there’s a good write up on Etheridge in the Puget Sound Business Journal and Googling Andrew Blubaugh turns up an article on the Kansas State Rodeo which I can only assume he won. Yeehaw Andrew!

I’ll also use this as a plug for The Warren Report, Etheredge’s website where he offers up events for filmmakers and Photoshops himself into pictures with famous people.

This is for you so let me know what specific aspects of filmmaking you’re interested in learning about over the weekend. How to get into film festivals, how to promote, how to storyboard, what camera to use… that sort of thing.

Like usual, we hope to make this event free to all and I think it’s something that can be useful to filmmakers as well as people who just want to learn more about films. Filmmakers interested in attending should be preparing 5-10 minutes of their best work so it can be shared and discussed. The event will likely take place on the first weekend in December and it will undoubtedly rock.

If you’re interested in participating in the workshop, helping organize, or if you just want to bake cookies for our guests please contact me and let me know what your special skill is. Everyone has a special skill. Mine is air hockey.

Newsletter 15

Look out! It’s an onomatopoeia!


Dang that was close… and speaking of close, the deadline for the 5th semiannual (That’s twice a year) JUMP Society Film Festival is wriggling down your trousers and about to bite you in the butt. That’s right, the official deadline is June 25th, a mere eight days away. That’s enough time to create your universe and have a day left over for editing. So no excuses, I want to see movie magic… or at least some sleight of hand.

Call for Extras
Can you act? It doesn’t matter because I need extras! If you blend into the background and were always afraid of singing in public then you’re the one I need. Meet today (Thursday 6/17/04) at noon on the steps of the Alaska State Capitol Building where we will be filming the big protest scene for one of my JUMP entries. Basically we’ll be chanting “put up the wall” in support of raising the Egan wall between downtown and the valley. If you’re feeling extra helpful please bring a sign that says “Put up the Wall”, “Go Home Valley”, “Raise the Egan Wall” or something along those lines.

Dang. If this was a blog I would have just invented flash filming.

Props to Sarah

  1. Make me Laugh.
  2. Make me Think.
  3. Make me Cry.
  4. Make me Scream.

Our initial call for entries went out weeks ago but chances are that you haven’t seen any of our colorful new posters around town. Why? The problem is that they’ve been disappearing faster than we can hang them up. I initially thought we’d made an enemy on the downtown bulletin board circuit but apparently our posters were just so cool that they’ve become instant collectibles and are getting plucked up and taken home. Last week I even caught a couple kids plotting to steal the ones off our front door. Thanks go out to Sarah Asper-Smith who designed the posters and sprinkled a little cult flavor on this Summer’s festival. Pretty soon we’ll have people throwing rice and toast at the screen.

It feels good to be gearing up for the show, I’ll drop another letter when we get the times all nailed down. Until then don’t forget to feed your creative side…. I bet it likes pistachios.