Newsletter 15

Look out! It’s an onomatopoeia!


Dang that was close… and speaking of close, the deadline for the 5th semiannual (That’s twice a year) JUMP Society Film Festival is wriggling down your trousers and about to bite you in the butt. That’s right, the official deadline is June 25th, a mere eight days away. That’s enough time to create your universe and have a day left over for editing. So no excuses, I want to see movie magic… or at least some sleight of hand.

Call for Extras
Can you act? It doesn’t matter because I need extras! If you blend into the background and were always afraid of singing in public then you’re the one I need. Meet today (Thursday 6/17/04) at noon on the steps of the Alaska State Capitol Building where we will be filming the big protest scene for one of my JUMP entries. Basically we’ll be chanting “put up the wall” in support of raising the Egan wall between downtown and the valley. If you’re feeling extra helpful please bring a sign that says “Put up the Wall”, “Go Home Valley”, “Raise the Egan Wall” or something along those lines.

Dang. If this was a blog I would have just invented flash filming.

Props to Sarah

  1. Make me Laugh.
  2. Make me Think.
  3. Make me Cry.
  4. Make me Scream.

Our initial call for entries went out weeks ago but chances are that you haven’t seen any of our colorful new posters around town. Why? The problem is that they’ve been disappearing faster than we can hang them up. I initially thought we’d made an enemy on the downtown bulletin board circuit but apparently our posters were just so cool that they’ve become instant collectibles and are getting plucked up and taken home. Last week I even caught a couple kids plotting to steal the ones off our front door. Thanks go out to Sarah Asper-Smith who designed the posters and sprinkled a little cult flavor on this Summer’s festival. Pretty soon we’ll have people throwing rice and toast at the screen.

It feels good to be gearing up for the show, I’ll drop another letter when we get the times all nailed down. Until then don’t forget to feed your creative side…. I bet it likes pistachios.

Newsletter 3

It’s time to get rolling if you want to get your film shown. The due date for submissions is July 1st but we’ll probably be somewhat flexible if you run into a snag. For those of you who plan to submit a film, please send me the following information: Title, Summary, Cast and Crew, and Estimated running time.

So far we have a small handful of completed films and many more in various stages of production. If you plan on using our editing equipment it would be a good idea to contact us soon and arrange a time. The equipment is available on a first come first serve basis.

If you missed the announcement before, the films will be shown at 7:30 July 12th in the Silverbow Back Room. The doors will open around 7ish if you want to secure a seat and grab a bite to eat. If the Silverbow sells enough food it won’t cost us anything for the space so come hungry and drink heavily :)

Entries for the summer festival are due by Monday July 1st, 2002 and should be in one of the following formats: Mini-DV, Hi-8, VHS-C, or VHS.

I also want to extend a huge thank you to Bud Curtis and the folks at Alaska Grafix who have given us free onscreen advertising for June as a part of their community artist program.


We held our first meeting last month and showed a few folks examples of films and how to use our editing equipment. I don’t know if we’ll have any more meetings because that’s always a stale environment but I do want to figure out how to build a better network for filmmakers in the community. I was thinking of some sort of medium scale community movie project that could involve several people and give artists a chance to work together but any other ideas would be appreciated.

Editing and Shooting Q&A

Q: What is the equipment and software you’re letting people come in and edit with?
A: I have a Frankenstein machine running Windows XP. It functions reliably (knock on wood) and has fully licensed versions of Adobe Photoshop 6.0, Adobe Premiere 6.0, Adobe After Effects 5.5, and
Alias|Wavefront Maya 4.0 which you’re free to use in the creation of
your short films.

Q: I don’t have a camera do you have one I can borrow?
A: It gets loaned out frequently but I do have a hi-8 camera that I’ll let people borrow. It takes great pictures under good lighting and doesn’t loose much in translation to digital.

Equipment Department Update

There are no equipment fund updates since the last newsletter. For more information on the equipment fund please contact Aaron Suring, current equipment fund czar.

Equipment Fund: $40.51
JUMP Society Equipment Inventory: None

Other Upcoming Events
If you’re privy to any upcoming movie related events that an aspiring filmmaker might be interested in, please pass them on and I’ll include them in the next newsletter.

JAHC Summer Film Fest:
Oscar Nominated Animated and Live-Action Shorts
June 14-16,2002 at Gold town Nickelodeon Theatre, Times TBA

Perseverance Theatre:
Crosstraining Writing and Performing Project
June 25-July 5, 2002


That’s it for now, get filming!