Newsletter 39

Fall is here, that magical time of year when we get to wade around in leaf soup and sideways rain. If you’re looking for an indoor activity and a place to let your feet dry out we’ve got just the spot…

Ironweed Films at the Valley Library
The Valley Public Library offers screenings of films and documentaries from the Ironweed Film Club. The collection features independent films focusing on thought provoking social themes and each screening will be followed by a discussion led by Jonas Lamb (Juneau Library) and myself.

I hope you’ll join us tonight as we launch the series with The Breast Cancer Diaries, a self chronicling documentary by Ann Murray Paige that speaks volumes for one in seven American women now diagnosed with breast cancer.

WHEN: 7:00pm Friday, October 12
WHERE: The Mendenhall Valley Public Library

Future screenings will take place on 2nd Fridays, 7pm at the Valley Library and more information about the films can be found on the Juneau Library website.

JUMP Society at the City Museum

Congratulations to all of our Jump Society filmmakers who are being featured in the screening room at the Juneau-Douglas City Museum!

The JUMP Society has brought approximately 250 locally made short films to the screen since 2002 and the Juneau-Douglas City Museum will be sharing the collection throughout this winter.

The museum has a cozy viewing room for the films and this month features our very first festival from the summer of 2002. Each month a different collection of films will be on display along with the old posters and a giant list of all our films and filmmakers. Enjoy!


Our next festival is in January, I hope you’ll make something cool!