Newsletter 38

Hello all. I’m sorry to say that Pat couldn’t be here with us all this evening (or morning if you want to get technical), but there are a few things that should be brought to the attention of all you movie making/loving Juneauites, or whoever you people are that subscribe to this list.

Ski movie

Seven Minute Productions will be having the premiere of their ski and snowboard film at Centennial Hall this Friday night, the 7th of September, just two short days from today. Showings will be at 7:30pm and 9:00pm and it will cost you 3 dollars at the door.

These Juneau students spent two years filming, riding, and editing, all selflessly, just for your entertainment. With a sacrifice like that, how can you not show up? They will even have DVDs with loads of funny extra features available after the film.

Surprisingly, the film contains some adult language, consider yourself warned.


Juneau-Douglas Little Theatre is seeking actors and directors for the 2nd annual 24 Hour Miracle on Saturday, September 29. This is a one-day play production festival, a one-day commitment for the performers, and one of the up-and-coming events on the Juneau arts calendar.

This year’s writers include Korry Keeker (Juneau Empire, The Hooligan), Sarah Brooks (Transitions), Geoff Kirsch (staff writer for Comedy Central “Indecision 2008” website), and the team of Mike LeVine and Glenn Merrill.
Can these writers come up with something amazing in just twelve hours? I think it would take a miracle, but considering the event’s title, perhaps that is the point. And who doesn’t want to be part of a miracle?

For more information about this year’s 24 Hour Miracle or to get involved, contact producer Eric Caldwell at or at 790-8535.


I hope you were able to bear with me, and don’t worry, Pat will return soon.
In the meantime, get back to work on those movies, the next festival is less than five months away.