Newsletter 12

I’ve heard lots of talk….

“I want to make a movie about a turtle named tortie.”
“Turtles are so cool, I’m going to make a turtle-umentary.”
“My turtle could make a better movie than that.”
“I’m thinking of doing a film next time. Perhaps involving (dramatic pause) a turtle.”

Newsflash kiddies, this is “next time” so start it up! Turn the cranks, pump the pedals, push the buttons and throw the creative beast in gear. That’s right, we’re back with a feverish vengeance and we’re gearing up for our Winter show at the end of January. We’ll be accepting submissions through January 12th of all shapes and sizes so get those wheels turning.

You may have noticed the new JUMP Society posters popping up around town. If not, then please come by and grab a few to put in all those places you haven’t seen them. I could also use help coloring in the Ninjas.

Compilation Show

Just as a heads up… Hot on the heels of our next show we’ll be having a big compilation show featuring a selection of some of the best films we’ve received over the past two years… Yep, that’s right we’ve been at this for two years already and this winter will be our fourth show. Four. The Greeks used to say that the number four meant good fortune. Actually, I have no idea what the Greeks used to say, I didn’t pay much attention in history class. I guess I could look it up on Google but I’m plowing through this newsletter and I’d no doubt end up getting distracted by the prospect of true love only a click away.

Other Upcoming Hotness

The Panhandle Picture Show in Haines is accepting submissions. There’s a sign on the door of the Gold Town Nickelodeon with all the info but I’m too lazy to walk down the hall, let me check for a website… looks like submissions are due by January 5th. If you need to know more visit:

Also, the Anchorage film festival kicks off pretty quick. I talked to Tony Sheppard and I might try to carve out a niche for a JUMP showing up there next year. We’ll see how it goes.


I’ve had several people come to me wanting to get a tape of our past shows. I usually try to explain that I’d rather be making movies than tapes but it started me thinking… what if I made a few copies of each show and gave them to the library. Then anyone could check them out and bootleg them at home. Of course, part of the fun is the community get together aspect and seeing people react to your work so I’d purposefully wait about four months after each show to put out the tapes.


We’re very close to purchasing an editing machine for general use. We’re thinking of charging about $5/hr to edit on it and then kicking all the money back into the JUMP coffers for upgrades and blackjack.


I strongly suspect that if you’re receiving this e-mail you don’t need to be added to the mailing list but just let me know if you’ve got a friend who’s interested… it also makes a good birthday present (Happy late birthday Dad, see, I told you I loved you).

Ok, I’ve got to go plan my film. It’s going to be about art… and Ninjas. I bow respectfully to you. Sayonara.