Newsletter 13

Eeek eek ook! Calling all poster monkeys! We’re looking for some able-limbed primates interested in helping hang posters on every bulletin board and bathroom stall in town. The winter film festival is this weekend and it’s time to get the word out. If you want to lend a hand or you own a global media corporation, call 586-3440 and we’ll talk about how you can help. We’ve already got some air time lined up with a couple local radio stations and there will be an article coming up in the Juneau Empire. Aside from that, we’re relying heavily on word of mouth and the devastating charm of our film festival supporters. Yes you. You’re charming. So swagger on up to the next person you see and tell them to be at the Silverbow this weekend. Shows will be Friday and Saturday night, 7:00 and 9:30 in the Silverbow backroom. We’ll be packing folks in until we can pack no more so come over early and get a good seat. So I hope to see you February 6th or 7th, but don’t worry, there won’t be any dates on the final.

University of AK

We’ll be presenting a short show at the University Campus on March 26. The title, “Jump Society: Behind the Scenes”, pretty much says it all. We’ll be showing several of our favorite shorts along with some comments by various filmmakers. We also hope to leave some time at the end for discussion in case anyone has more specific questions or just wants to gush praise for our under budgeted masterpieces. Everyone is welcome to attend and we’re also looking for filmmakers interested in participating. It doesn’t have to involve a great deal of public speaking so let me know if you’re up for it.

Best of Four

We’ve got four of these film festivals under our belts now… well technically three but I can feel this egg hatching as we speak. What I want to do is try to organize a “best of” showing. I think our choices for venues are one of the gross theatres or the JDHS auditorium. This would be a one shot deal and we’d try to snaz it up a bit. Got any left over tinsel, maybe some silly string? If anyone wants to get on the planning committee or the selection committee let me know. We’ll be meeting in a few weeks.


A new UAS special topics course is being offered, it will be an introduction to lighting and camera work and could be useful in developing your eye… or mine for that matter. The instructor, Marilyn Holms, is a studio still life specialist from San Francisco currently living and photographing in Juneau.


A massive thanks goes out to everyone who submitted films and I hope you’re already thinking about what to do for the summer festival… outdoor third of July show anyone? Could be fun if it’s dry. Could be more fun if it rains :)

Ok, I’m outta here.. I’ve got an intermission to film, a sound track to lay down, and Gilder to frame for it. I’m swamped!