Morally Improv-erished Workshops

Morally Improv-erished is hosting a pair of workshops with Michael Robinson of Vancouver Film School which explore spontaneity, creativity and how art is based in complimentary choices. Improv is a great route to developing short films and I’d encourage you to try it out if you’re thinking of making a film for the winter festival.

There are two workshops, both on Saturday, September 17

Creativity by Choice

Creativity by Choice touches on the natures of Creativity, Spontaneity, and Offers; and how art is based in Complimentary Choices. Participants will discover that they are more creative than they thought, more spontaneous than they knew, and more artistic than they believed. This workshop is appropriate for all levels.

The Cinema Game

The Cinema Game teaches fierce awareness to any offer, how character is created in reaction, how to make excellent choices, how to share focus dynamically, and how the heart of any performance is rooted in what the actor does, not what they say. It also teaches how comedy is generated from expectations, and how believability in performance is maintained by the actors’ attention to the rules of social behavior that are particular to the place and event. This workshop is appropriate for experienced actors, directors, and improvisers.

More information is available at the Morally Improv-erished website.