Newsletter 19

Workshops for filmmakers this weekend and… ssshhhhh. Quiet.

It’s a secret.

This Friday the JUMP Society is hosting what will probably be one of the best short film collections to come to Juneau… ever. The short films have been handpicked by Warren Etheredge from the thousands of films he watches each year as curator of the One-Reel Film Festival and will be both entertaining and educational… but not educational in a sucky way, educational in the way that leaves you feeling like you saw something worth watching.

If that’s not enough to get you interested, the movies will be screened in Goldbelt’s Chilkat Theatre on top of Mt. Roberts and the whole event is free. Yes, that includes the round trip tram ride.

Filmmaker Workshop THIS WEEKEND!!!
Warren Etheredge gave a tremendous lecture last December which touched on just about every topic of short filmmaking I can imagine. He was so entertaining and such a wonderful teacher that we’ve invited him back to cover some more in depth topics for our filmmakers. If you’re not a filmmaker and would still like to join us you’re welcome. With all the shorts Warren shares and his stand-up delivery it’s probably worth coming just to watch.

Saturday: 12:00-4:00 @ Silverbow Backroom – Writing

Short film is a medium where concise, relevant, and well paced story telling is essential. Warren will teach us how to plan, develop, and cut to perfection. The workshop will of course be focused on short film but should be very relevant to writers and storytellers as well.

Sunday: 12:00-4:00 @ Silverbow Backroom – Directing
So you’ve got that great story… now what? Warren teaches how to get an idea off the paper and onto the screen through the art of directing. Who knows… maybe theatre people will like this one too? I’m actually sort of bluffing on these course descriptions. I don’t quite exactly know where the discussion will lead but Warren is a downright amazing educator and brimming with knowledge on short film development.

Once again.. no cost to you. Donations are accepted but not expected. We have made significant progress in the JUMP Society Pyramid Scheme Division and will soon be able to finance all our events with the income we make from scamming our friends and loved ones. A special thanks to Coldwell Banker Race Realty for a rather large donation this time around.

Filmmaker Get Together

A few weeks back Brice Habeger led several filmmakers in a great discussion of film and shared some of his film school experience. I’d like to continue having these filmmaker get togethers perhaps a couple times between each film festival so if anyone gets to the point that they want to share some raw footage, post production techniques, stunt driving tricks, or anything else related to short films they’re working on, just drop me a line.


See you on the mountain this Friday!