Newsletter 18

The folk music is dying down and the drum circles are breaking up so say goodnight to Irene and get out those video cameras, it’s onto the next adventure! Spring is here and it’s a good time to get some filming done before those pesky scene stealing tourists float into town. We’ve got a few plans ramping up to our Summer Film Festival and we hope you’ll join us!

Filmmaker Get Together
The JUMP Society has some quiet months between film festivals, they are the “I wonder what everyone’s working on” months. The film festival isn’t until July but on the evening of April 21st at 5:30pm we’ll be getting together at the Silverbow to share works in progress, past works, and just get caught up. It’s an opportunity to receive constructive criticism, answer technical questions and meet other people interested in making movies. All ages and skill levels are invited. Please bring a mini-dv tape if you want to share your work.

We’ll also have guest speaker, Brice Habeger, who will be sharing some of his work and experiences in Film School.

Filmmaker Workshop
Warren Etheredge is coming back to town and he’s going to be sharing short films and offering another workshop for Juneau filmmakers. For those of you who missed Warren this past December, he’s a top notch resource for everything short film and puts on educational and fun workshops. The workshop will be primarily geared towards filmmaking but I expect that it could also benefit writers and story tellers. Of course with all the films he shows and his stand-up delivery it’s probably worth coming just to watch.

There will be no charge for the workshop and all costs will be covered by the high quality forged bill division of the JUMP Society.

More information on dates and times to come but right now we’re shooting for the first weekend in May.


I’m excited to see what everyone’s working on, hope to see you Thursday!