Newsletter 4

The deadline looms for festival entries. We’d like to receive entries on or before the 1st of July but if you let us know ahead of time we can probably accommodate a few days extra.

Films will be shown at 7:30pm July 12th in the Silverbow Back Room.

Thanks to the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council who have been supporting us all the way and have allocated $300 for advertising and expenses. I’m in the process of making mini posters to hang around town. Grab one for a souvenir after the festival is over. I’m also thinking of having some stickers made.. Any interest?

Here’s the short version of anticipated entries into the Film Festival. They’re all at different stages of production.. Some are finished and some just have scripts. Right now I’m going to estimate total running time somewhere between 1.2 and 1.8 hours.

  • Pat Race: “Hydrant”, “PedXing”, “Lost Thought”, Festival Intro
  • Jen Garland: “Migraine”
  • Caleb Frankhauser: “Crazy Monkey Boy”
  • Deanna Clasby: A couple shorts.. I’m not certain of titles yet.
  • Aaron Suring: Not certain of the title
  • Greg Chaney: “Anonymous Voice”, and possibly others
  • Keith Shepro: “Bruice Juice”
  • Justin Benboe: “Alaska B-Boys”
  • Gage Choat: Last minute frantic creativity as promised?
  • Kevin Fremlin: “Any Minute Now”
  • Mukhya Khalsa: Not sure of the title..

We may be seeing more or less depending on how things wrap up and what creative flashes sweep over the community in the next week. Good luck to everyone still working.

Other Upcoming Events
If you’re privy to any upcoming movie related events that an aspiring filmmaker might be interested in, please pass them on and I’ll include them in the next newsletter.

Perseverance Theatre:
Crosstraining Writing and Performing Project
June 25-July 5, 2002

Dogtown and Z-Boys
Goldtown Nickelodeon
June 28th-30th


I haven’t been to the 20th century lately but I figure our slide should be up pretty soon. Someone let me know if you see it.

Get me some more entries and have a great fourth!