Newsletter 37

Yo Ho Ho! After working with the Friends of the Library to host some excellent spring workshops the JUMP Society is popping back like a whack-a-mole!

JUMP Society Summer Film Festival!!!!

Ring a Ding Ding!!! Our main course will be served up Thursday, July 26th through Saturday, July 28th at the Silverbow Backroom. We’ve got a whole mess of new films to share but remember this is potluck and we can’t cook for everybody so we need your films too. If you’ve got one simmering on the back burner, or just want to whip up a little something, two weeks should be plenty of time. We’ll be expecting those submissions by the 18th of July.

I’ll drop another line when tickets are ready but for now start slicing up those delicious, bite-sized short films you all make.

Recycling PSA Competition

Please help us spread the word!!

We’ve extended the deadline of the PSA Competition to July 31st in the hopes of scrounging up a few more entries. A 30 second short doesn’t take too long to put together and it’s a good exercise for aspiring filmmakers. It’s also for a good organization, the Friends of Recycling! Not to mention all of the fabulous prizes and glory that goes along with such a contest.

Full rules and submission forms are available on our website:

Northwest Film Festival

The Northwest Film and Video Festival is now accepting entries from Northwest Filmmakers. This is a great regional festival with no entry fee so you might as well toss a tape in the mail and see what happens.

Local Film Production – Stockhom

Jesse Swanson and Crystal Beasley are seeking some actors to help with their local short film project.

STOCKHOLM, 20-30 minutes, Psychological Horror.

An older man abducts and imprisons a 21-year-old female secretary in his basement. For several days he taxes her mental and physical endurance until she falls prey to Stockholm Syndrome, where a captive begins to sympathize with and even defend her captor. Her father, intimidating in both wealth and power, labors to rescue her by any means.

[Edited – 5/23/08 – Removed Contact Info]


Ok, I’m heading out to the woods for a week and my ride is here so I need to abruptly end this email and go pack. Bye!