Newsletter 35

Filmmaking Classes

March 9th – 11th is the Cabin Fever Arts Festival and we’ll be hosting a few classes for beginning and intermediate filmmakers.

Friday, March 9th 10:00 – Turntable Mechanics
@ The Canvass – 223 Seward St.
If you’re interested in a broad and challenging creative experience I recommend attending the Turntable Mechanics class with DJ Astronomar and creating some music which we will incorporate into our editing classes.

Friday, March 9th 1:00 – Intro to Editing I
@ The Ruby Room in the Emporium Mall
In this introductory lesson we will focus on the basics of editing. We will learn how to assemble shots and explore storytelling through editing. The lessons in this class can then be applied in the hands on Intro to Editing II on Sunday.

Saturday, March 10th 1:00 – Special Effects
@ The Ruby Room in the Emporium Mall
This standalone lesson will teach several methods of visual trickery. Learn the basics of compositing, rotoscoping, and 3D Animation.

Sunday, March 11th 1:00 – Intro to Editing II
@ The Ruby Room in the Emporium Mall
This hands-on class gives you a chance to roll up your sleeves and edit. Bring your own footage or use what others have shot. You’ll get a chance to use our equipment and create a short video using the music developed in DJ Astronomar’s Turntable Mechanics class. It is recommended but not required that you also attend the Intro to Editing I class.

The fee for all classes is $5 per person but we’re willing to waive it for just about any semi-coherent reason.

Alaska Oceans Film Festival

After getting your feet wet with our filmmaking courses, dive into the deep blue with The Alaska Oceans Film Festival. These salt water shorts focus on the connection we share with the sea. Last year’s program was superb and I expect nothing less from this year’s show.

Friday, March 9th @ 7pm
Saturday, March 10th @ 7pm

Free tickets are available at Lucid Reverie but seating is limited so swing by soon.

Juneau Library Film Series

The Juneau Public Library and Juneau World Affairs Council present, Shaolin Soccer on Friday March 9th at the downtown Library.

A Chinese potluck will start at 7:00 and the film will start at 7:30.

For more information contact Jonas @ 586-5379 or jonas at


Hope everyone made it through the Blizzard!