Newsletter 27

Who loves you? That’s right baby, the JUMP Society loves you. To prove it we’ve sealed this Valentine’s day newsletter with an electronic kiss. Here’s what I want you to do… First, take off your shoes and shuffle your feet on the carpet. Oh yeah, feel how relaxing that is. Now lean in slowly and kiss the monitor right here –> X

Did you feel that spark! That’s love man!

I know… sometimes love hurts. Now kick back with some chocolates and check out the newsletter..


It’s almost Oscar time so I’ll make a totally illogical leap and conclude that you’re itching to talk about the films from the Winter JUMP Festival. Our discussion boards have some thoughtful comments but they aren’t exactly brimming with users so drop us a line and let us know what you liked about the last film festival. Who was the best actor? What was the funniest film? Better yet… tell us what could be done better. If you can articulate why you did or didn’t like a movie then we can learn something from it and become better filmmakers. Then we can take all that skill and knowledge and totally sell out.

Vote for your favorite Winter 2006 film

Join the winter film fest discussion

We Together With Ralph

The feature film “Karma Rider” will play this Valentine’s Day at the Goldtown Nickelodeon. The film, directed by John Hartman and starring Juneau resident Aaron Mattley, shows this evening at 6:00 and 9:00. A three minute trailer appeared in our film festival last summer and is available on the website.

Rasmuson Foundation Grants

The deadline for Rasmuson Foundation Individual Artist Project Awards is March 1st. The grant provides Alaskan artists up to $5000 to undertake short-term projects and is a great opportunity which shouldn’t be passed up.

Alaska Oceans Film Festival

Calling all pirates, mermaids and salt swillin bilge rats… KTOO and The Alaska Center for the Environment are partnering with DIPAC and the JUMP Society to bring the Alaska Oceans Film Festival to Juneau on March 10th and 11th. The festival features films from around Alaska and around the world that focus on coastal culture and ocean life.

Alaska Oceans Film Festival Program

Visual Storytelling Workshop

We’re having another workshop soon and all levels of filmmakers are encouraged to join us. You don’t even have to be a filmmaker, maybe you just want to learn a little bit about the language of film and how can elements like lighting, editing, and shot composition help to carry the story. Maybe you just wandered into the wrong room because you get confused easily. Whatever. Everyone is welcome!

This time around we’ll be starting with a quick review of what we looked at in December and then we’ll continue to work through the concepts presented by Jennifer Van Sijll in her book Cinematic Storytelling.

The workshop will take place 6pm February 21st… or next Tuesday. Whichever comes first.

Wearable Art Show

There will probably be some JUMP Society shorts screening as filler for the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council Wearable Art Show this Saturday. We’re not really sure what we’re going to show yet. We’ll probably just dredge up some of the old films from past festivals but there might be some original content. Well… not that original.

Upcoming Contests

If you want to try a little forced creativity there are several film challenges out there to get your brain working and test your skillz. Many offer to take control of the burdensome creative rights to your work in exchange for a chance at semi-wonderful prizes. Yay! Prizes!

Firefox Flicks Ad Contest

Avid 60-Second Video Contest

The International Documentary Challenge

Pretty Girls Make Graves – Music Video Contest


Have fun with whatever kinked out St. Valentine’s Day action you’re into. I’ll have some whipped cream and rope if anyone wants to stop by later… Lou?