Newsletter 24

Best of the Northwest Film Festival

Strap on the moon boots and mittens, it’s gallery walk this weekend! That’s right, bring your Tupperware, it’s time to load up on cheese and crackers for your holiday parties. And once you’re done drinking wine… I mean looking at art.. we’d like to invite you to join us for the Best of the Northwest Film Festival at Centennial Hall.

Slide on over to Centennial Hall at 8:00 and see this show featuring a selection from the 31st Annual Northwest Film Festival. As usual, the show is free but we’ll have one of our poor loveable film making street urchins manning the donation bucket and a dozen more picking pockets inside. Proceeds will be split between the JUMP Society and the North West Film Center.

January Show DEaDliNe

It’s time! Start documenting the growth of your avocado tree or wrap yourself in tinfoil and talk like a robot. Do whatever it takes to make that perfect short film you’ve been planning because it’s already time for another JUMP Society film festival!

Entries are due January 7th and the show will likely be on or around the weekend of the 21st or 28th. We do like to get entries early so if you’ve already got a film in the can, drop it by Lucid Reverie or mail it to:

JUMP Society (rocks the world)
174 S. Franklin Suite 104
Juneau, AK 99801

Preferred format is Mini-DV but if that’s a problem then let us know and we’ll figure something else out.

Pre-Film Festival Visual Storytelling Workshop

I’m holding a visual storytelling workshop sometime in early December. I’m not an expert on the subject but I do have several good books and I’m pretty sharp with that googly internet thingy so basically it’ll be awesome. I’ll scrape together an overview and a few hands on exercises but we I’m hoping we can all pool our knowledge into.. a bigger pool… of knowledge. Then we will drink the pool? I’m obviously still working on logistics but I’m leaning towards Sunday afternoon on the 11th of December. Let me know if you’re interested… in drinking from the pool of knowledge… mmm… refreshing…

  • Knowledge +2
  • Charisma -1


Ok, that’s the newsletter. Awesome I’m done. Now I can go play Nintendo.