National Film Challenge Finals

The short film “Snarfl’xxing with Humons” created by Alaska Robotics has been selected as one of the top 15 finalists in a nationwide short film competition.

The National Film Challenge is an annual competition in which teams have a weekend to frantically script, film, and edit a short film. The filmmakers are given a quote, genre, prop, and character which they must also include in the film.

Alaska Robotics and Flakey Productions were the two local teams involved in the challenge which included 161 teams from 32 states. Both Alaskan films had to include a stringed instrument as a prop, a character who was an inventor, and the line “Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.” Alaska Robotics was assigned the sci-fi genre and Flakey Productions was assigned the detective/cop genre.

The National Film Challenge hasn’t yet announced any of the prize winners, just the 15 finalists for grand prize and the audience choice award. Last year there were about 50 categories including things like acting, sound design, graphics, best in genre, and best use of props and both Juneau teams are still in the running for any of those.

View the film “Snarfl’xxing with Humons” and cast your vote for the audience choice award!