JUMP Society Roadshow in Portland!

Executive Summary:
JUMP Society Roadshow in Portland
Monday, April 24th 7:00pm
The Guild Theatre

The Long Version:

Track down everyone you know in Portland and tell them we’ll be there Monday night, April 24th with a traveling JUMP Society show! The screening will be at the Guild Theatre and should get started at approximately 7pmish.

Sadly, we’ve decided to break our tradition of free shows and charge a $5 admission at the door to help cover our travel costs. We’ll also accept short stories, sketches, or baked goods in lieu of cash. In fact that theatre has so many seats we’ll probably just let you in if you ask nice. It’s not art if people have to pay to see it right?

Tenative JUMP Society Roadshow Lineup:

  • Donnie Ramponi – Jason Alexander
  • XAS – Arlo Midgett
  • Intro Action – Assembled by the boys
  • Pimp my couch – Edra Morledge
  • Raspberry Bushes – Greg Chaney
  • NYAC – Pat Race
  • Any Minute Now – Kevin Fremlin, Pat Race, Jeff King
  • Rhythm in Motion – Gage Choat
  • A Day for Building – Alex Nelson
  • Busy as a Beaver – Nate Johnson
  • FlexBot – Pat Race
  • Thin Air – Joel Bennett, Scott Carlee
  • TufLuv – Roblin Davis
  • Socks – Aaron Suring, Lou Logan
  • – Intermission –
  • Kaktovik Nights – Joel Bennett
  • All My Ex-Girlfriends Have Girlfriends Now – Joe Sears
  • Here Kitty Kitty – Roblin Davis
  • The Atomic Squirrel – Paul Disdier
  • Natural Selection – Pat Race
  • Boomstick – Arlo Midgett
  • Sick – Kevin Fremlin, Michael Fairchild
  • Concentration – Pat Race, Aaron Suring
  • Inconsistent Distraction in the Product of Realism in the Post-Post Anti-Anti Modern World – Sarah Elliott
  • Lamprey – Aaron Suring
  • Downtown vs The Valley – Pat Race

Many thanks to Dan Frazier and Thomas Phillipson of the Northwest Film Center for their support!