Newsletter 25

Visual Storytelling Workshop

Ever wanted to make a great film? Be patient, it takes small steps, why not start by joining us this Tuesday night, December 13th, at the Ruby Room for a Visual Storytelling Workshop.

The workshop will focus on several elements of visual storytelling and look at how we can convey meaning through specific imagery. If you’re a beginner this will be a great chance to pick up some basics and if you already know it all you can come show off your big pulsating brain by answering all the questions and heckling me when I make mistakes.

Web Site Overhaul

Calling all JUMP Society filmmakers! You may have noticed the redesign of the website which features a stylized picture of filmmaker Gage Choat in the upper right hand corner. What we’d like to do is take pictures of other JUMP Society filmmakers that we can rotate in that position. If you’re interested in being on the site, stop by the office and get your photo taken with your favorite prop or costume or maybe try out that signature pose you’ve been perfecting.

Let us know what else we can do with the site… Do you have a website you want us to link to? Do you have a movie online or do you need a place to put one? Maybe we should start a photo album? Does anyone have production stills or photos of JUMP Society stickers in the wild?

Check in on the new site evolution at

National Film Challenge

If you haven’t yet cast your vote for the Juneau film “Snarfl’xxing with Humons� then bounce on over to the National Film Challenge and get your democracy on.

January Show DEaDliNe

Better get moving, the due date for the next festival is January 7th!

Best of the Northwest Film Festival Followup

Yeeearrrrrghhh! Limited edition duck prints! Bah! Grumble. Well maybe we can write it off as a lesson in remix culture. Lesbian makeout movies and duck auctions are actually pretty funny together but I promise it will never happen again. Sorry. Grumble grumble. If anyone wants to borrow the DVD let me know.


I’m out of here but I’ll see you in class on Tuesday night. No spitwads.