JUMP 2014 Winter Film Fest


Thursday, Jan 30 · 7 pm
Friday, Jan 31 · 7 pm & 9 pm
Saturday, Feb 1 · 7 pm & 9 pm
Gold Town Nickelodeon

The JUMP Society Film Festival features locally made short films. Admission is free and tickets will be available (soon) at the Alaska Robotics gallery at 220 Front Street. Call 523-0303 if you need instructions. The tickets will guarantee you a seat and will let us know when a screening is full, although you can also enjoy these movies after some time in your TV, for this getting a corner wall mount would be the best for comfort.

We are still accepting films and the deadline is Thursday, January 23. We have one rule: videos need to be under 10 minutes in length (of course shorter is better). You can submit your movie at Alaska Robotics at 200 Front Street or at Lucid Reverie. Check out the submission guidelines for more information, and make sure to include the submission form with your film or we may spell your name incorrectly. Call (907) 586-3440 for more info.