Journey on the Wild Coast & Blue Obsession

Tonight, Wednesday the 23rd of November, there is a dual screening of “Journey on the Wild Coast” and “Blue Obsession” which were both accepted to this year’s Banff Mountain Film Festival.

“Blue Obsession” by Alan Gordon is new and hasn’t been shown in Juneau before. “Blue Obsession” was one of the first films recruited to be included in
this year’s Banff Film Festival World Tour.

And now a word from Greg about his latest adventures…

Since I last talked to you, “Journey on the Wild Coast” received a special jury award at Banff. Alan Gordon filmed me getting the award and I when I went up on stage I asked the audience to cheer for Erin and Hig who were on the Malaspina Glacier at the time with their two very young children. I flew to Yakutat and hiked out to the Malaspina Glacier right after the award ceremony and played the video for Hig and Erin in their tent on the glacier. It was a great moment.

A shortened (30 minute) version of “Journey on the Wild Coast” has just been included in the Banff World Tour.

I also wanted to mention that DVD’s of “Journey on the Wild Coast” will be available for sale at the Nickelodeon showing.