Help Wanted: Big Secret Awesome Production

Something big is happening… they won’t tell me what exactly but I’m sure you’ll want to be involved, it sounds exciting and mysterious. Confidentiality agreements will be signed. Rumors will fly about Brad Pitt buying a house on Blueberry Hill.

SprocketHeads, an Anchorage based media firm, is organizing crew for this upcoming shoot in Juneau. It will be a great opportunity for aspiring filmmakers to gain experience and learn about professional production from the inside. They want 25-30 production assistants and are also interested in finding more experienced crew for departments such as art, culinary, tech, G&E, and production.

Go forth, spread the word. Submit a resume, this sounds like more than hype and fluff.

Production experience is preferred to be an entry level assistant but not mandatory. Hard working, energetic and knowledge of Juneau a big plus. Please send resumes to Project is also accepting resumes for crew in departments such as art, culinary, tech, G&E, and production. We are not at liberty to say what the project is… but trust us, it’s a fun one!

Karen Pearson
Production Manager
SprocketHeads, LLC
2907 Iris Drive
Anchorage, AK 99517
907-248-4829 (Office)

.. And there you have it. Good luck!