City One Minutes

Filmmaker, Maaike van der Linden will be visiting Juneau in September for the cityoneminute project. She hopes to work with local artists, video artists, and filmmakers to create a portrait of Juneau through twenty-four individual and diverse one minute movies each representing a different hour of the day.

This looks to be a good project for all first time and veteran filmmakers.

The cityoneminutes will be a gigantic gesamtkunstwerk with hundreds of artist participating and capturing their city all over the world. The city portraits will début in Beijing 2010. Afterwards the installation will travel around the world. In addition a selection of the best movies from every city will be shown on the website. And often smaller selections of city portraits will be shown at exhibitions and major Art Fairs.

For more information about the project please contact Maaike: maaikevanderlinden {at}