Science on Screen

Science on Screen 2022

Science on Screen is back with FREE screenings and fun science talks at the Gold Town Theater!

Friday, July 22nd @ 6:30pm

Clark Snodgrass from Northrup Grumman Aerospace Systems talks about monitoring the earth’s climate systems from space followed by a FREE double feature of “THE FOG” and “TOTAL RECALL.”

Monday, July 25th @ 6:30pm

Kevin Krein, Professor of Philosophy & Academic Director of Outdoor Studies at the University of Alaska Southeast, will give a presentation on hazard assessment in extreme sports followed by a FREE screening of “THE SANCTITY OF SPACE.”

The Science on Screen program has been made possible through an ongoing partnership with the Gold Town Theater and a generous grant from the Coolidge Corner Theatre and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Thanks also to the generous work of our science speakers.

Many thanks as well to Collette Costa and the Gold Town Theater for wrangling these events and for keeping cinema alive in Juneau during these weird and difficult years.

JUMP Society Film Festival

It’s been a while since we put on a screening of locally made short films and that’s sorta our whole thing.

We don’t have dates yet but we’re starting to wrangle films for a show this fall. If you’ve made a film, if you have an idea for a film, or if you’ve seen something cool we should know about, let us know! Consider submissions open!

A reminder, our festival features locally made films that are ten minutes or less and our submission guidelines can be found here…

Very much looking forward to seeing what everyone has been working on!