Pitch Videos

New policy. We’re going to try to avoid screening pitch videos at the JUMP film festivals. There are a whole grocery list of reasons why but mostly, we feel like the JUMP Society film festival is the wrong environment for that sort of thing.

But you know what is the right environment? This website! If anyone is trying to raise funds for local film projects, I’ll be happy to embed your pitch video right here.

Like this….

From yaks to kayaks, Juneau filmmaker Saffron Hayes is working to complete a documentary which he started shooting in 2004 about his travels through India, Nepal, and Alaska.

During his travels, he documented traditional ways of life in remote wilderness while exploring how different cultures deal with the psychological difficulties accompanied by a post-modern society.

So if this sounds interesting, you can jump in and support Saffron in telling his story and completing his project of eight years. Here’s the pitch…