Newsletter 6

We’ve remained somewhat quiet since our festival back in July but isn’t that really what being underground is all about? Quietly lurking beneath the surface just out of sight and then bursting forth like a pimple on prom night.

Well, at any rate, we’re back. The Juneau Underground Motion Picture Society will be having an encore presentation of our first film festival on October 11th at the Silverbow with showings at 7:00 and 9:30. If you missed the festival in July or want to see the films again, this is your chance… Start spreading the word!

In related news, we’re pleased to announce that our second film festival will be in late January and that we’ll be accepting submissions through January 10th. Once again the only rule is that your submission must be 15 minutes or less. We try to show all entries but the length for the next show is fixed at about one hour and forty-five minutes so if we receive more than we can show in that time, preference will be given to local filmmakers and the films we think will be best received by the audience.

A list of the films we will be showing October 11th along with

Accounting for Charlie Boring
By Kevin Myers
An accountant finds love in the most likely of places.

By Patrick Race
Fire Hydrants are everywhere… And they’re after you.

Crazy Monkey Boy
By Caleb and Ken Fankhauser
A Journey into one man’s paranoia and the price it has cost him. The first film created jointly by the Fankhauser Brothers, who both have extensive history in theatre, and Gorilla Filming.

Oscar Mayer
By Greg and Connor Chaney
Oscar Mayer hosted a contest this year to award $10,000 to one school’s music program in each state that made the best video using the Oscar Mayer theme song. This was the Juneau Community Charter School’s entry. We received 24 hours notice before the deadline. It was fun to make even if it didn’t win…

Emma Sourit
By Holly Smith
A film realité following the steps of Emma as she explores downtown Juneau.

Bruce Juice
By Keith Shepro
A high school student being bullied is pushed too far.

Open Your I
By Deanna Clasby
Perception Production Presentations
A dreamscape videoplay, about vision, light and consciousness. Music, poetry, and visuals created by Deanna.

By Connor Chaney
A 7 minute film made by Connor Chaney (11 yrs old) about a knight’s life during the middle ages with some help from mom and dad. It was made for a school assignment but works well as a stand alone short movie.

Any Minute Now
By Kevin Fremlin
Two men reflect on life and death.

Alaska B-Boys
By Justin Benboe
Break dancers of the last frontier.

Lost Thought
By Patrick Race
An animated short about thought processes.

Anonymous Voice
By Greg and Connor Chaney
A preview of a movie about making movie previews.

By Jen Garland
A horticulturally-minded woman attempts to do some landscaping, and becomes the tragic victim of a government permitting system gone wrong.

Flowers for Anarchy; Her Feet of His Ground
By Deanna Clasby, Lex & Bernadett
A documentary on female skate/snowboarders. How do these athletes feel about sisterhood, competition, and progression within the athletic hierarchies.

Music Video
By Venietia Santana
Come dance with Venietia.

The Apology
By Mukhya Khalsa
Hell hat no fury like a woman scorned

Rhythm and Motion
By Gage Choat
You WILL go home with this man tonight.

By Pat Race, Bob Mackinnon
Witness the creation of a new extreme sport based on the age old game of playing in traffic.

Other Upcoming Events
If you’re privy to any upcoming movie related events that an aspiring filmmaker might be interested in, please pass them on and I’ll include them in the next newsletter.

The Business of Fancy Dancing
Featuring an introduction by actor Gene Tagaban in person!
Goldtown Nickelodeon
October 4th, 5th, 6th


Thanks once again to everyone who submitted a film over the summer, the festival was a huge success and I can’t wait to see the next round of entries!