Newsletter 46

Hello JUMP Society filmmakers and film enthusiasts! First, a big thanks to everyone who contributed the 2009 Winter Film Festival, I think it was our best show yet and I have high hopes for the future of squiggly, home made films from Juneau, Alaska. I mentioned it at the festival but the JUMP Society has now screened over 300 locally made films and, thanks to all of you, we’re charging onward.

We have some exciting workshops planned for this spring but they aren’t properly scheduled so I can’t let the cat completely out of the bag. We are looking for help in trying to pull things together for our nameless mystery guests so if you’re independently wealthy or have an abundance of airline miles to contribute, please contact me immediately.

KTOO/360 NORTH – Planet Forward
Attention JUMP Society Filmmakers, 360 North is partnering with PBS to create an Earth Day special called Planet Forward. The PBS producers are looking for 1-2 minute short films about the future of energy. As I understand it, this can be an opinion piece, a documentary, a poem, a music video, or pretty much anything on the topic of energy and the future. If your short film is selected, you could be flown to DC to be part of the live studio audience for the premiere.

Of course, as always, time is running out and they need your submission by March 6 to be eligible for the PBS show. For more specifics, please contact Kristin at 907-463-6472 or kristin at

As always, your unpaid, highly sluggish, and ruggedly handsome JUMP Society organizers are working towards the future. We’ll be updating our mailing system in the near future and hopefully won’t lose too many email addresses in the process. If you don’t hear from us for a while, consider yourself blessed or get back in touch through the website. We’re also still working on bylaws, what’s it been, seven years? Anyways, they’re almost done. For real. We’ll trot them out for you to take a whack at soon.


Ok, back to plotting, planning, and preparing.

All my best,
Pat Race – Evil Underlord of the JUMP Society

P.S. It’s never too early to start filming for the summer festival.