Newsletter 45

It’s cold out and this is just where you want to be, hunkered down with a warm cup of JUMP Society newsletter. Delicious!

Wayne Fitzgerald, Title Designer

You’ve probably seen Wayne Fitzgerald’s work. In fact, you’ve probably seen a lot of his work.

Fitzgerald is a three-time Emmy award winning motion picture and television title designer with over 1,000 title designs to his credit including Bonnie and Clyde, Total Recall, The Godfather trilogy, Innerspace, The Fly, The Breakfast Club, The Deer Hunter, Sixteen Candles, Footloose, The Big Chill, The Lord of the Rings, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Ghost, Basic Instinct, Apocolypse Now, The Graduate, and many — very many – other great films.

Fitzgerald will be speaking at the Juneau-Douglas Public Library at 7 p.m. On Saturday, December 27th and he will share some of his insights to short story telling, film history, and a life in the business.

This is a rare treat and I apologize for the short notice, please help us spread the word!

For a complete list of Mr. Fitzgerald’s work, please visit

2009 JUMP Society Winter Film Festival

The 2009 Winter Film Festival is descending upon us like some kind of film-starved snow beast. The deadline for this festival is Tuesday, January 13th. We’ll be a little firmer on the deadline this year so please be sure to get your films done on time.

Submission information can be found here:

The show will screen the 22nd -24th at UAS and the Silverbow Backroom. More details on all that as we get closer to show time.

Hollywood for Mortals

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the Hollywood for Mortals community filmmaking workshop!

Jeff is currently working with the footage to create a short film for the Winter JUMP festival and Mukhya is cutting down the fight scene which will be posted on the web site. Workshop participants will also be invited to download the raw footage and edit the scene themselves.

JAHC Wearable Art Show

If anyone is interested in doing volunteer work for the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council, they’re trying to find six camera operators, a couple editors and a few still photographers along with slugload of projectors.

It sounds like an ambitious project and a great chance to be a part of a live production environment. If you’re interested please contact the JAHC.


Ok, enough from me, now get inspired, grab a camera and meet me back here in a couple weeks!
– Pat Race