Newsletter 44

Workshops and screenings right around the corner!

Neil Landau Workshop
You don’t make a great film without a great story and Neil Landau will be here to help us with that very fundamental element of filmmaking. Landau, a successful screenwriter, will teach his workshop on Saturday, August 9th at the Douglas Public Library. The 2-hour workshop will focus on story structure and character development. The goal is a simple, relatable story with a strong central conflict, and uniquely iconic, complex, indelible characters.

Neil will provide several handouts and encourages folks to read or watch “Six Degrees of Separation” prior to the workshop — but it’s not mandatory.

There will be a screening of “Six Degrees of Separation” Wednesday evening at 7:00pm at the Douglas Public Library for those who wish to join us.

Mr. Landau has requested that no bears attend his workshop so please leave any pets at home.

Bad Larry Screening
The Bad Larry crew is having a screening of their new film “… And So Much More” on Friday, August 8th at Centennial Hall. Show times are 7:00 and 9:00pm.

This group has been putting together quality ski and snowboard videos for the JUMP Society film festivals for several years and with most of the boys heading off to school next year this could be the last we see of this collective for a while. I hope everyone can come out and see the film!

Summer Festival Feedback
If you haven’t already given us feedback on the summer film festival please drop by the JUMP Society forum and let us know what you thought.

Summer Film Festival Feedback


Don’t miss it — Bad Larry Bad Larry Bad Larry

Pat Race