Newsletter 40

Ironweed Films at the Valley Library

11/9 7:00 @ Mendenhall Valley Library
Plagues & Pleasures from the Salton Sea
Chris Metzler and Jeff Springer 2006
73 minutes

Once known as the California Riviera, the man-made Salton Sea is mistakenly considered by the media to be an ecological disaster.

This documentary film introduces us to the old resort town’s history and its eclectic residents, from eccentrics hanging on to the glory days, to inner city families escaping hard conditions back home.

JUMP Winter 2003 Films at the City Museum

The winter 2003 JUMP Society Festival is now screening at the City Museum

The City Museum is located at 4th & Main St and museum hours are:
Tuesday – Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

Admission to the Museum is FREE this month courtesy of a Friend of the Museum. For questions or more information call 586-3572.

2008 Winter Film Festival – Call for Entries

It’s time to start working on your entries for the winter film festival, Films are due January 11th!


I’ll try to make the next newsletter much more rambling and nonsensical than this one. I was in a hurry.

Until next time my friends!