Newsletter 36

There’s more to filmmaking than filmmaking.

This summer the JUMP Society is proud to present writing workshops, comic workshops, classes for kids, and an opportunity to make a little prize money in a Recycling PSA Competition.

Stewart Stern – Writing Workshop

Stewart Stern, a legendary screenwriter and exceptional teacher, visits Juneau this month to lead an intensive one-day writing workshop.

Stern is best know for his work on Rebel without a Cause and has made a name for himself as a well respected teacher and mentor in the Seattle area.

The focus of the workshop will be on strengthening personal connections in your writing and although Stern’s background is in screenwriting, this class will be beneficial to any storyteller.

On a personal note, I have very little doubt that this will be a valuable experience for all involved. You will leave motivated to write and should plan on clearing your calendar Sunday if you want to capitalize on the inspiration.

The workshop will be free but the class size is limited by space. Please register early as there are some lead-in assignments and recommended viewing that will further enrich the experience.

Workshop Screening I (Optional)
“Rebel Without a Cause”
Monday, May 14th
7:00pm @ Goldtown Nickelodeon

Workshop Screening II (Optional)
“On the Waterfront”
Wednesday, May 16th
7:00pm @ Goldtown Nickelodeon

Stewart Stern Workshop
Saturday, May 19th
10am – 1:00pm
2:00pm – 6:00pm
@ Douglas Public Library

Contact the JUMP Society with questions or registration requests.

Scott McCloud – Making Comics

Scott McCloud (and family!) will visit Juneau this summer as part of his Making Comics 50 State Tour. McCloud is a brilliant analyst of comics as an art form and story telling medium. He explores sequential art through comics and has made mammoth contributions to the field.

The three hour workshop is free but limited by space. Please contact us early if you would like to attend.

Making Comics – Lecture
Thursday, June 7th
7:00pm – 9:00pm
@ Silverbow Backroom

Making Comics – Workshop
Saturday, June 9th
1:00pm – 4:00pm
@ Douglas Public Library

Recycling PSA Competition

At the suggestion of Mary Anne Slemmons we’ve organized our first competitive project for filmmakers along with the Friends of Recycling and Juneau Waste Management and we get to give away $500 in prizes!!!

We’re looking for 30 second public service announcements to promote awareness and familiarity with recycling in Juneau so dust off those cameras and figure out something clever.

Full rules and submission forms are available on our website:

Summer Fine Arts Camp

I get to teach some digital video courses at the Juneau Fine Arts Camp & Academy this June so if you know a 3rd through 10th grader who has an interest in filmmaking please contact Sarah Brooks (907) 723-6316 and sign up for my really cool ultra fun class!

Jack Dalton – Raven Returns

Jack Dalton visits Juneau on Saturday, May 5th to lead an interactive discussion of the nature of stories, how stories relate to universal experiences and how to adapt and tell stories.

Dalton will also perform Raven Returns, a Yup’ik Creation Story, at Centennial Hall Sunday, May 6th at 7pm

More information is available through the Juneau Public Library:


I’m impressed by anyone who made it though a newsletter that long. I almost didn’t survive and it was my newsletter. You deserve a lime popsicle.