Newsletter 26

The winter film festival is so close I can taste it and.. that’s odd.. it tastes a lot like cranberry sauce. Not that crappy homemade stuff either, I’m talking about the kind that slides out of the can as a perfect cylinder. Whatever dude. Here’s the news.

Winter Film Festival Tickets!!!!

Tickets are now available for the winter film festival! Shows are 7pm and 9pm January 20th, 27th, and 28th. How do I get a ticket you ask. Well, you can call us at 586-3440 or you can email me or you can stop by Lucid Reverie anytime we’re open. When are we open? Even I don’t know. We’ve got short films coming out our ears and we’ll be frantically putting the show together over this next week. We’ve got a lot to choose from so it should be great!

Just to clarify the rules on tickets, if you have a ticket you need to be in the door at least five minutes before the show. After that you’re probably going to lose your seat to someone. Don’t take more tickets than you need and if you have extras at the door let us know so we can let more people in. We try to have as many seats as we have tickets but secretly we like watching you all squeeze into each other’s laps. It builds community.

Filmmaker Workshops with Warren Etheredge

Now this is something! Warren has offered to give constructive criticism to any filmmaker who wants to hear it. It will probably help you more than it will hurt you so I recommend taking him up on the offer.

Our two workshops with Warren are Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 4:00 at the downtown library. Saturday we will go over a few JUMP Society films and discuss more broadly the language of film and visual filmmaking. Sunday we will concentrate on writing and directing for comedy. Both workshops should be very beneficial for filmmakers or aspiring filmmakers.

Warren is a teacher at TheFilmSchool, Director of Development for Lockspring Pictures and he organizes and hosts an almost endless string of events for TheWarrenReport in Seattle. He’s also has wicked quarter lagging skillz.

There is no registration for the class but we’d appreciate a hint if you plan on attending. I don’t know what we’ll do if we get more than we can seat. Probably build more community. I figure it’s possible to fit twenty five guys into a phone booth so we should be able to pack everyone into that conference room in the library.

Many thanks to the Friends of the Library who have made these workshops possible with their support!

Poster Monkeys Needed

Eek Ook! Calling all Poster Monkeys! We need help hanging up film festival posters so this is your big chance to join the mobile poster monkey death squad. Ideally no actual death will be involved. Just good wholesome poster hanging fun! Yay!

Submission Guidelines

This year we have the most submissions we’ve ever seen. We have a mountain of movies here and unless we play the whole show in fast forward we’re going to have to make some cuts. This doesn’t mean they can’t be edited and resubmitted in the future, it just means we won’t be showing them all this time around. We’ve posted some submission guidelines and tips on getting your film into the next festival on the website. There’s also a submission form that will help us keep better track of the entries in the future. Good Luck!


We’ll release the names of films that have been accepted to the festival sometime next week. For now just keep on keepin’ on and I’ll see you at the show!