Newsletter 14

Ladies and gentlemen get out the silly string and strap on your party hats, the best of the JUMP Society is coming to the JDHS Auditorium on Friday March 12th at 7:00pm. For one night only you will have a chance to see our finest films as selected by a prestigious group of local artists and aficionados. The best part… it’s free!

Do you owe me a favor? Do you want executive seating? If you’re interested in helping to organize this event please contact us at 586-3440 or attend our prep meeting Thursday, March 4th at 5:30pm in the Downtown Library. We’ve got all kinds of things that you can do to help and if we run out there’s a mountain of laundry chewing through the floor of my bedroom.

We’re still waiting to hear from a few of our judges but I’d like to thank those who has successfully sifted through the ninety-eight short films the JUMP Society has received over the past two years.

  • Thank you to the hot blooded Donice Falcon and to her handsome and wise husband Zach Falcon
  • Thank you to the sagacious and rocking Bob Banghart
  • Thank you to the JUMP Society’s adopted mother, the invaluable Patricia Hull
  • Thank you to the keen and capable Cheryl Levitt
  • Thank you to the artful and cultured Ken DeRoux

University of AK

If you’re a JUMP Society filmmaker and you’re interested in participating in the “Jump Society: Behind the Scenes” show, please contact us. Heck, get a hold of us if you think you can fake being a filmmaker for a day. I haven’t heard back from many interested parties yet. Maybe you think I’m not inviting you specifically because this is a newsletter. Tell you what, I’m going to step out of newsletter mode for a moment and personally invite you to come talk about your films. That’s what I’m doing right now. I’m inviting you. No one else on this mailing list, just you because you’re the most important. The show will be at the University of Alaska Southeast Campus on March 26th and if you want to be involved in a more academic presentation of your work, we’d love to have you there.

Winter Wrap-Up

Our last film festival was, in my opinion, our best show yet. We packed the Silverbow so full of people that it looked like it would burst. By my count we had at least 550 people the first weekend and another 90 for encore Friday. I’ve had a few requests for a venue change because of over crowding but I sure do like a good cozy atmosphere. Maybe we’ll have to come up with some sort of ticketing system instead. We did have some audio issues that were partially due to a faulty speaker. We’ll have to iron that out as well. Right now Greg Cheney is talking to the Gross people about possibly using one of their theatres for a show in the future. I haven’t had much luck communicating with them myself so I thought we’d try sending someone who looked more like an adult and who has a vocabulary which doesn’t rely so heavily on the use of the word “dude.”

I still want to try an outdoor show on the third of July right before fireworks… anyone know who to talk to about that? I guess I’ll go ask some assembly members or something. If you care about where you sitting let me know where you would like to see future shows.


So long, I’ve got posters to cook up for the big show, swing by the Thursday meeting if you want to help out. Thanks for reading… Catch ya later dude!