Newsletter 1

Welcome to the Juneau Underground Motion Picture Society, an informal club created to bring together local film making enthusiasts and promote community awareness of their art.

Currently we are in the process of preparing for our summer shorts film festival which we hope to show at either the JDHS auditorium or Silverbow Backroom in mid-July. This festival is open to all Juneau film makers and the only rule so far is that films must run 15 minutes or less. We hope for a wide variety of styles and genres and don’t plan to limit entries based on content.

Entries for the summer festival are due by Monday July 1st, 2002.

Editing and Shooting Q&A

Q: What format is preferred for submission?
A: We prefer Mini DV tape but we will also work with VHS tape, Hi-8 tape, or Uncompressed QuickTime or Windows Media files.

Q: I don’t have editing equipment is there any available?
A: Lucid Reverie will be allowing free use of their editing computer for participants and will also be hosting free tutorials by appointment. This is on a first come first serve basis and will be limited to times when supervision can be provided. The university has some great resources for students and there are probably other resources in the community but we are not aware of them at this time.

Q: How about cameras?
A: Film with whatever you can find. Try friends, families, or schools, there are lots of cameras out there that need to be dusted off.

Q: What if I’ve never made a film?
A: Fantastic! If it turns out bad you can tell people it was your first film and if it’s good then you’ll be hailed as some sort of prodigal cinematic genius!

Equipment Department Update

The equipment department and equipment fund is available to all artists working on films for the JUMP Society. Anything purchased with equipment fund money will remain the property of the JUMP Society and purchase preference will be given to items that are reusable or will benefit more than one film maker. Some suggested items that might be useful are lights, movie props, or tape. All expenditures are overseen by Aaron Suring, the current equipment fund czar.

Equipment Fund: $40.51
JUMP Society Equipment Inventory: None


For an idea of the direction I’m trying to head with this group, check out the uaf film club home page

Ok, that’s all for this episode but stay tuned for more. I’ll try to get information out in a semi-regular fashion as things progress.