Kickstarter Projects

A flurry of projects have popped up on Kickstarter with ties to the JUMP Society so I thought I’d give you a run down and try to drum up some support for the home team.

A Trip South – $4,800
If you’ve been a regular at the JUMP Society Film Festivals you’ll know a lot of these guys from the Bad Larry films or maybe you caught one of their seasonal screenings at Centennial Hall. They’re no strangers to adventure and this project will surely be that. They plan to travel, under their own power, from Juneau to the southern tip of South America and document communities and people along the way. These are good kids and an amazing project. Make it happen.

Pelican 2085 – $100,000

Patricia Kalbrener and the crew at MegaYeti Productions are raising money for an independent feature film project to be shot in some beautiful locations throughout Southeast, Alaska. The film will be a post-apocalyptic survival story focusing on the importance of community and the relationship between a lost boy and his mother. I think the project funding limit is ambitious but I’d love to see it get made so if you’re sitting on an extra hundred grand.. well.. why the hell not make a dystopian adventure flick in Alaska?

The Story of Flewn – $16,000
Gabriel Smetzer has developed a beautiful animated word and a sweet, melancholy story about a disillusioned whale. This project looks well on the way to funding but maybe if we can drum up enough local support we can have Gabriel come back to Juneau to talk about the process and share more of his artwork once the project is complete. I’d be excited about that!