JUMP Society Summer 2010 – Feedback

If you made it out to the JUMP Society 2010 Summer Film Festival, please leave some feedback on the festival or individual films.

Any constructive comments are appreciated! The following is a list of the films we screened…

  • Journey on the Wild Coast – Preview
    by Greg Chaney
    Two adventurers walk across Alaska.
  • Bridge to Uribithia
    by Robert Newman
    A spoof on the movie Bridge to Teribithia.
  • Alaska Robotics – Oil Spill News – 001
    by Pat & Will Race
    Alaska Robotics News reporting on jelly beans and oil spills.
  • Desmond Flak and the Mysterious Statue
    by Brice Habeger
    He’s not a detective…he’s a P.I.!
  • Perspective
    by Padraig New
    A ski and snowboard film showcasing Juneau’s local athletes at Eaglecrest and surrounding mountains.
  • Voyage of the Lost
    Max Blust & Robert Newman
    Three friends on an epic voyage.
  • Discovery Southeast
    Kanaan Bausler
    Outdoor Explorers engage in the natural wonders of the Dupont Trail out Thane Road, Juneau. Summer 2010.
  • H4M: The Fight Scene
    by Jeff Freeman, Mukhya Kaur Khalsa with special thanks to our H4M crew
    Frank and Dave are gonna make the coolest movie ever, but that bad guys are hot on their trail.
  • Vampire of the Living Room
    by Robert Newman
    A domestic vampire looks for a friend.
  • Outgrowing
    by Bad Larry Productions
    Economy (Lucas Merli) kidnaps Earth (Kanaan Bausler) in a quest for Earth’s resources. Video documentation of street theatre in Vancouver, B.C.
  • Canvas
    by Hanna Guggenheim and Canvas artists
    Documentary about the canvas community Art Studio & Gallery.
  • Super Seaweed
    by Max Blust
    A seaweed commercial. Delicious!
  • How to tell if you’re not a robot
    by Mike & Izzy Christenson
    A tutorial for authentic humans.
  • Black Crow Night
    by Riley Woodford & Buddy Tabor
    Music Video
  • Alaska Robotics – Oil Spill News – 002
    by Pat & Will Race
    Alaska Robotics News reporting on rocks, robots and oil spills.
  • Intermission by Brice Habeger
  • Shorts from the Juneau Community Charter School
    by Honesty Zahnd, Indigo Palmer, Ryan Moritz, Robert Newman
    Racing Chairs
  • Urge to Merge
    by Dixie Belcher with animation and editing by Mukhya Kaur Khalsa
    All our relations.
  • Alaska Robotics – Oil Spill News – 003
    by Pat & Will Race
    Alaska Robotics News reporting on chemical dispersants, flipper babies, and oil spills.
  • Plastics
    by Antoine Doiron
    Plastics in the ocean can cause harm to wildlife. Karl Sears advocates proper disposal.
  • Power Up
    by Izzy Christenson
    Mario’s Magic Mushroom Addiction
  • Alaska Robotics – Oil Spill News – 004
    by Pat & Will Race
    Alaska Robotics News reporting on guesstimates, cleanup efforts, and oily oil spills.
  • Mine Reading
    by Corin Hughes-Skandijs
    A man reading in the woods. Gnnaaaa! Chase scene.
  • Terrible Car
    by Glen Miller
    Karaoke music video. Footage mostly from India.
  • Time Machine Cocktail
    by David Reed, Frank Katasse, KC Odell
    A time traveler from the 1500’s goes into the future and befriends a contemporary bum.
  • The Kitty Stink
    by Lance Blacken Entertainment
    A singing funny video t-bone – lance jaden jessica
  • Snug Bust
    by Corin Hughes-Skandijs
    Blackjack coaching gone wrong.
  • Zombie Love Trailer
    by Paul F Disdier
    Love never dies, but sometimes it starts to stink.