Getcha Tickets! Redhot Tickets!

Spread the word… JUMP Society tickets are now available!

Yeah yeah yeah, I know I said they’d be ready on the 5th. In Patspeak that means the 10th so we’re right on schedule.

You can find the tickets at Lucid Reverie in the Emporium Mall on South Franklin between Heritage Coffee and Commercial Signs & Printing. The tickets have a picture of an amoeba on them which should help to distinguish them from any other tickets you might have wadded in your pocket.

We could also use some poster monkeys to help scatter our posters to various bulletin boards around town so if you feel particularly spry please swing in and lend a hand.

Shows will be at the Silverbow Backroom on the following dates:
Thursday, July 13th – 7pm
Friday, July 14th – 7pm & 9pm
Saturday, July 15th – 7pm & 9pm
Sunday, July 16th – 7pm

WhaBam! Headbutt to the chest! I’m outta here.