Fundraiser screening of Space Trucker Bruce for Planetarium


April 18 from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Marie Drake Planetarium

Admission will be $5 per person and proceeds will benefit the planetarium.

Space Trucker Bruce is sci-fi comedy feature film. It was created over six years with a budget of $10,000. All the sets were built in the film maker’s house and back yard

Description from

In the near future, a breakthrough in gravity control allows inexpensive access to space.Bruce is a trucker who works the hog fat lines between Earth and the Titan Station. He’s content with his life but a bit lonely. A month away from the Titan Station Bruce picks up Max, an easily bored automation engineer with a broken shuttle. As Max is about to go crazy from space boredom they receive a strange distress call. Soon they discover a huge dark object on a collision course. Bruce and Max must risk everything to survive their deadly encounter and deliver the hog fat.

  • Visit to learn more about the movie and to see a trailer.
  • Juneau filmmaker Anton Doiron will introduce his film and answer questions. He will also sell DVD copies of the movie and movie posters.
  • Thanks to Anton’s generosity for sharing his film to benefit the planetarium.
  • Chairs provided or you can bring your own. Popcorn, bottled water, and candy for sale.
  • Admission and concession sales will be used for starball maintenance and repair.
  • The movie is 87 minutes. It is not rated, but has a few bad language spots (no F-bombs) and suggestive situations, but no nudity. There is some mild sci-fi violence.